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metadata.indicadores.dc.title: National science and technology indicators: 2002
metadata.indicadores.dc.title.alternative: Indicadores nacionais de ciência e tecnologia: 2002
metadata.indicadores.dc.contributor.author1: Brasil. Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia (MCT) 2004
metadata.indicadores.dc.description.resumo: Divulga os indicadores nacionais de ciência e tecnologia (C & T) bem como a evolução dos recursos despendidos e os resultados obtidos pelo país.
metadata.indicadores.dc.description.abstract: The Science and Technology Ministry - MCT brings to light nacional indicators on science and technology (S&T) by issue and internet version. The information review process took place from second semester of 2003 up to 2004, includingavailable data until april of that year. There was the concern to keep the methodological standard used in the previous version, to preserve international comparisons and the evolution accompaniment of the expended resources and the results gotten by the country in this area. The home page offers ease room for new indicators presentation and update availability since new information is gotten. The printed stuff does not possess this flexibility. It is intended to produce at least one printed edition per year, enclosing a selection of main tables and available graphics on internet. The technical standard of these publications will be sponsored by Permanent Commission of Indicators, created by the MCT, in 2003, to assist this Ministry on data drilling, information analisys and indicators out put. The search for sound information will be the MCT permanent objective depite real difficulties related to scope magnitude of the science and technology, multiple sources of information and the permanent data evaluation. This task will be carried out by the Ministry's technicians, with the valuable aid of the primary sources of information producers mentioned in tables and presented graphics. The debate on the meaning of indicators will go on looking for better and complete information to give support to government and society.
metadata.indicadores.dc.identifier.issn: 14133148
metadata.indicadores.dc.description: Conteúdo: Indicadores gerais -- Indicadores de dispêndio -- Indicadores de recursos humanos -- Bolsas de formação -- Indicadores de produção científica -- Indicadores de patentes -- Indicadores de balanço tecnológico -- Comparações internacionais
metadata.indicadores.dc.subject: Indicadores de ciência
Indicadores de tecnologia
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